'It's Easier To Be Somebody Else' 10th Anniversary!

September marks the 10 year anniversary of our second album, “It’s Easier To Be Somebody Else”. Though it holds a special place in our hearts and sparked many important friendships and creative collaborations that we still hold dear to this day, IE2BSE was always something that we felt was left unfinished. 
Recorded primarily live-off-the-floor, we worked with producer Jose Miguel Contreras to capture the energy and excitement of our live shows. At the very end of this process we unfortunately had to rush through mixing (15 songs in 5 days) to make a grant deadline and the resulting tracks were more like first drafts than final mixes. It definitely had some magic to it though and the album quickly became a classic with songs like Too Soon, Fish, Alleyways, A Song About California, and Fifteen Words.. not to mention other fan favourites like Vagabond, Greeko, Terribly Stable, My Friends... the list goes on.

Fast forward 10 years and we are finally taking the time to plug in that dusty hard drive and do the proper final mixes with José. We can’t wait to share these re-mastered songs and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

David Vertesi